OXFORD, Miss. (WJTV) — Many of us have used Flonase to fight seasonal allergies, or Afrin to decongest, but a professor at Ole Miss is in the process of developing a nose spray that may be a game changer for combating coronavirus.

Dr. Joshua Sharp explained how it works.

“It binds to the virus very tightly and prevents the virus from being able to stick to your cell,” Dr. Sharp said. “So the idea is that the virus would just float along with your mucus into your stomach and be digested.”

The spray contains Heparin, which is not a new drug. It’s been used for blood clot prevention usually administered via injection and in nebulizers for decades, meaning that there are no scary potential side effects that we don’t yet know about.

“There’s been absolutely no side effects reported or in healthy or diseased people,” Dr. Sharp said.

Dr. Sharp has a plan in place for nose spray out on people.

“We need to get a very large group of volunteers and give some of them the drug and give some of them not the drug,” Dr. Sharp said.

Depending on how many of the volunteers contract the virus, it will become clear how potent the nose spray is.

It will take time for results to unfurl, but Dr. Sharp said he is confident in this drug.

“We have really good reason to believe it’ll be completely safe,” Dr. Sharp said.

It could potentially be a new weapon in the fight against COVID-19.