PANOLA COUNTY, Miss.– Jessica Chambers was found walking alongside the highway in Panola County– burning alive.

This after investigators say she was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire.

One year later– no arrests have been made.

But as WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus reports, we now know what the teen said to her parents moments before passing away.

Jessica’s parents now describe life as hell on earth.

Tonight we learned that Jessica’s parents have been haunted by a name. Just before she passed away she whispered a name to investigators.

“She’ll never have kids. She’ll never get married. She’ll never know love,” said Lisa Chambers.

19-year-old Jessica Chambers was found on this lonely road drenched in gasoline and burning alive but investigators are still searching for her killer.

“Full of life, couldn’t have asked for a better more wonderful daughter,” said Ben Chambers.

Her mother describes life without Jessica as “hell on earth.”

“And you might as well killed me while you were at it,” said Lisa Chambers.

As we’ve been reporting, investigators told us Jessica whispered something to them.

We never been told what she said but their parents say they’ve been told.

“I can only go by something what they said they thought she said that would have been an Eric,” said Lisa Chambers.

“I’ve heard that from, one of the firemen, one of the law officers, and I heard that from one of the nurses. Jessica said Eric did this to me. I don’t know his last name but Eric did this to me. She said it about 15 times,” said Ben Chambers.

Her parents have a message for the killer or killers.

“Please turn themselves in because they’re coming for you. It’s only a matter of time as to how long you want to look over your shoulder,” said Lisa Chambers.

“I want to know why what could a 19-year-old girl do to make you want to do this to her. What kind of person would do this to a 19 year old child,” said Ben Chambers.

Her mom started this memorial at the site on Herron road with one poinsettia, and it has grown from there, all this while they wait for closure.

“We just want an arrest and conviction,” said Lisa Chambers.

While her parents wait for justice, they want everyone to honor her by donating toys in her name.  They’ve said up a Facebook page asking for donations.

Other recent drives in Jessica’s honor:

Loved ones are asking people to donate directly to the non profit of their choice.

Over the summer, family and friends also hosted a book donation drive.

A recent anonymous donor has given 100 pairs of new shoes to a non profit center in Mississippi.

Each shoebox also had a bookmark with Jessica’s name and photo on it as well.