Pafford Air One unveils first Mississippi-based plane to transport patients


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– The only medical plane based in Mississippi takes to the skies. ​
The new Pafford Air One Foxtrot can go the distance. ​
“We have this King Air 200, flies about 300 miles per hour so we can ​
get to Tulsa, Dallas, Houston, Birmingham, Nashville in less than an hour,” said Keith Carter, the Chief Operating Officer of Pafford EMS and Pafford Air One. ​

While it’s a complement to the helicopter, the plane is faster and can power through ​all sorts of Mississippi weather. ​

“Especially in the Delta with the Mississippi River, we encounter fog, low ceilings a lot that would ground the aircraft that we ​can fly straight into the airport with this airplane,” said Drew Steele, a certified flight paramedic. ​

This type of air ambulance operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and first lifted off mid-December. It travels within a 1,500-mile radius of Jackson.

“We’re going to be taking anywhere from pediatric patients to critical ICU patients in and out of Jackson,” said Carter. “We’re capable of transporting​ any patients, any medical condition at any time. “​

The plane will also be used to transport organs.

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