Paralyzed in a shooting, 16-year-old Douglas Ramsey is still living life to the fullest


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – Over a year ago then 15-year-old Douglas Ramsey of Jackson was fully dependent on a wheelchair and could barely move after being shot in the back.

After 12 months of rehab, the Lanier High student is making big progress while also addressing gun violence. 12 News Alex Love sat down with the young man one year ago today and now, he brings you his journey,

This has been a mental challenge for Douglas Ramsey as much as it’s been physically trying to live without the ability to walk or move. But one year later he’s living his life to the fullest.

After a gunshot left him paralyzed from the waist down, simple daily routines for Ramsey became a challenge.

“Putting on my clothes, jumping in my wheelchair and waiting for the bus is kind of hard,” Ramsey told us. “Cause I have to push myself just to get up for school.”

16-Year-Old Douglas Ramsey recovering one year after being shot with reporter Alex Love.

But after working to get himself ready, Ramsey sees it’s worth it as he heads to school where he’s always greeted with support from his classmates.

“One girl that I don’t know she still helps me when I come to breakfast,” Ramsey said. “She’ll make sure I get my plate and get out the line. One friend, he helps me get on the elevator and goes to lunch with me.”

“He was telling me how somebody just came up behind him and started pushing him all the way to the elevator,” Douglas’s Mother Bobbie Ramsey said. “And he didn’t know who that person was they just did it.”

At this time one year ago Douglas could barely sit up and needed to be pushed everywhere. Today he’s regained the ability to stand, move around on his own and join his friends outside to play.

“Some goals like I want to get back up and play some ball,” Douglas stated. “Or go out and play with my friends, skating or anything like that.”

Then 15-year-old Douglas Ramsey recovering after being shot in the back in October of 2018. He met with reporter Alex Love to talk about gun violence.

Back in 2018 Douglas still stuck in a bed had a message for people spreading gun violence.

“Stop it,” he cried. “And it really doesn’t make no sense how people go around killing each other.”

One year later he’s still pleading with the city for peace and to put guns down.

“Drop the guns and put the guns down,” Douglas continued. “There’s no need for guns, have fun with your family and love your family. Don’t kill each other, we’re on this earth to love each other and forgive.”

Finding his way back to standing and pushing his chair on his own outdoors. Douglas has also managed to put on the same smile his family saw before this incident.

Ramsey is currently being treated at the Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson. His mother also said on this Thanksgiving week she’s thankful for their family’s community lending assistance.

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