Parent concerned about bullying at Warren Central High School


VICKSBURG, Miss.(WJTV) – A parent says she’s frustrated about how Vicksburg Warren School District is handling an alleged bullying case.

Teri Nowell, Stepmother to Trey and Bradly Hynum, claims it hasn’t been easy for her two sons attending Warren Central High School.

She says the two have been bullied by the same four boys since the fourth day of school.

Nowell tells 12 News it all started when one of the four boys tried to pick-pocket money from Bradly in class, and was caught.

“Messages were sent, social media, things like that, that Trey was his brother and a group of boys that were seen in the video decided they were going to jump Trey.”

Nowell claims before Bradly could warn his brother, Trey was already in a fight with the four boys, trying to defend himself. The fight was all caught on camera and shared on social media.

“Got all in his face yelling vulgar language, vulgar language to his girlfriend, intimidating and put him in a position to where he needed to fight his way out of it.” 

Nowell shared pictures on Facebook of the bruises Trey received from the fight.

She claims her stepson didn’t receive medical attention, and the principal never looked into what started the fight.

Nowell says she went through the proper protocols and filled out a bullying/harassment complaint against the four boys, but she tells 12 News the complaint had the opposite effect. Trey ended up being punished instead.

“What I’m not okay with is them being punished for something that we’ve told the school is a problem. Something that we have tried to handle, something we have offered to help handle.” 

She added, not only was Trey suspended from school, he was sent to “Fresh Start” for 90 days, while the other boys stay in school.

12 News’ Lanaya Lewis reached out to the Vicksburg Warren School District about how they handle bullying, but they referred her to the student handbook and board policies.

She found an excerpt explaining after a parent or student completes a bullying/harassment complaint form, school officials must also complete the form – explaining the complaint, identifying the victim and any witness:

“The report shall be given promptly to the principal or superintendent who shall institute an immediate investigation. Complaints against the principal shall be made to the superintendent, and complaints against the superintendent shall be made to the Board chairman. The complaint shall be investigated promptly. (HB 263-F)”

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