Parks in Pearl reopen


PEARL, Miss. (WJTV)- Now that public parks have reopened, you might have thought that people would have made a beeline to them, but so far from what I have seen that was not the case. 

People may be sick and tired of being cooped up at home and for some cabin fever maybe at an all time high.

You might expect to find people flocking to recently reopened parks on a sunny, mild Saturday, but instead Bright Park in Pearl appeared to be a ghost town – not a soul to be seen.

 Places like movie theaters, salons and restaurants are environments that can be tough to social distance in, but in a wide open expanse like a park, it should be a cakewalk; yet it appears people are still steering clear.

That means whether it’s out of fear, or just a personal decision to avoid them for the time being, people in Pearl and surrounding areas are still honoring guidelines that have been lifted, like the safer at home order. 

I’ve seen no joggers, sunbathers or parents with kids on the playground… though there were plenty of geese.  But as we move further along with reopening Mississippi… that could all change. In pearl Kate Cornell 12 news.  

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