Part of Highway 80 in Brandon shutdown from snapped power poles and trees


BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – Cleanup was underway in the Legacy community in Brandon, which is located right off of Highway 80. The main entrance to the community was blocked by downed power poles, wires and trees after Tuesday’s severe storms.

Dozens of homeowners either had no way of getting home or were stuck at their house after Tuesday’s storm.

“It blew it down and tore it up,” Robert Carter said.

The downed trees and power lines left 3,000 customers without power on Tuesday.

“It messed the house up,” Bobby Jones of Richland said. “We had a storm shelter to go into thankfully, but it tore the house apart.”

“We were inside and it was very scary when it first hit,” Bentley Spence added.

Hundreds of people went to the Rankin County Safe Room to wait out the storm.

“We can just play cards, and when I play with stuff, I get interested instead of what’s around me,” said Spence.

“You can actually sit down and be settled not having to be stressed when the sirens go off,” Jones explained. “Because you know that you’re safe here.”

Sunset Drive by the Orr Road intersection was one of the dozens of places city crews and firefighters had to team up clearing a tree blocking both lanes of the road. The area was cleared in a matter of hours.

Brandon Mayor Butch Lee said no serious injuries or deaths were reported.

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