Pastor has a message after an attempted break-in at church

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It was a typical morning for the pastor of Purelight Church in Jackson.

“I usually just ride around the building check the doors,” Pastor Dixon said.

While making his Sunday morning drive around Purelight Church, Pastor Samuel Dixon found this.

“When I came around to the west side that’s when I noticed the door was broken into,” Pastor Dixon said.

The doorknob to the church was on the ground, broken off the door.

“They didn’t gain access into the church I guess we scared them off,” Pastor Dixon said.

While nothing was stolen, Pastor Dixon says …

“We were blessed that nothing was taken and no one was hurt,” Pastor Dixon said.

This Jackson pastor has a message for those possible suspects on the run.

“The doors always open. They’re welcome to come in and fellowship with us, hear the word. They’re welcome to come join with us,” Pastor Dixon said.

Exuding calmness and kindness, Pastor Dixon is extending a hand and a few words to the criminals of Jackson.

“Learn about Jesus, accept Jesus and get them a job. Stop breaking in to the churches and doing all this crime and killing and stuff,” Pastor Dixon said.

Jackson police are investigating the incident.

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