Pastors Calling for Mississippi Flag Change


JACKSON, Miss. – “Be they Southern Baptists, Pentecostals or Episcopalians, there are very few things that all of us can agree on and that’s one of them.” That one commonality Pastor CJ Rhodes says those of different faith have, a change in the Mississippi state flag. Pastor Rhodes is getting a lot of support after posting an online statement asking for change.

“I’ve been talking to a lot of folk, died in the wool conservatives, Republicans saying it’s time,” says Pastor Rhodes.

So far at least 80 church leaders have signed Rhodes’s statement in support.

“I think of heritage. I think for us it is history, we shouldn’t exclude it. It’s part of our history. That flag has important roles to play in the history, the telling the truth of the history of the South,” says Pastor Matt McGue. The One Church pastor says even though the flag represents history, it’s time to let go of the past. “It is offensive to so many Mississippians and Southerners.The church should unify, we should come together,” says Pastor McGue.

“The flag has always been a ghost of the past and to me as an individual it has always been something of a personal discrimination. It shows racism and what have you and every act of unkindness done in Mississippi was done under the banner of this particular,” says Rev. Isaic Jackson, Jr.

Governor Phil Bryant responded to the online statement with this: “Mississippians have already had a discussion about the state flag. It was put to a vote, and an overwhelming majority chose to keep the flag. Mississippians have the right to revisit that decision either through their elected representatives in the Legislature or through the initiative process. As governor, I will continue to focus on job creation, education and public safety—priority issues for Mississippians.”

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