Paving the way to success: I-20 repairs going smoothly


We’re halfway through phase one of a major construction project – the shutdown of a stretch of I-20… and despite Monday’s rain – Michael Flood with MDOT said crews may be ahead of schedule.

Jackson drivers are in for a rough two weeks with eastbound closures right now and west bound closures starting next week, but MDOT staff said today that they know it will be worth it.

MDOT is working on repairs to the bridge over Lynch Creek. Work is scheduled to wrap up Thursday morning at 5 a.m. – MDOT says not only is the project on schedule – crews are actually on track to wrap up early – despite the rain.

“They won’t be able to pour in the new concrete until the rains move out, so once they do that we’ll just have a little dry period, allow it to harden an” Flood said. “Once it dries out we’ll just do our final striping and marking work and have it all wrapped up and  hopefully open a little sooner than Thursday morning.”

Flood said one of the most common questions is ‘why not just close lanes –rather than closing the whole highway… He said it’s a game of numbers.

“It would make the project longer for Mississippi motorists  but also cost the state of Mississippi more money to build the detour itself,” Flood explained. “So it would cost more, it would take more time.”

The two main detour options are to take highway 220 or highway 80.

220 has been designated for freight traffic, and 80 has been designated for local traffic.

Work on the westbound lane is scheduled to start Friday and run through next Thursday.   MDOT explained these repairs will extend the lifespan of the bridge by up to 50 years.

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