Payment options available for high water bills


People in Jackson can choose one of three plans to pay outstanding water bills

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba says the city has come up with a way to help people who have expensive water bills, especially ones that have been outstanding for a long time.

The overdue bills exist in large part because of a faulty metering system. But, Lumumba says people still need to pay up.

Customers can sign up by coming down in person to a water billing center and showing they need a new plan. Renters can pay $75 per month. People with homes under $130,000 can also pay $75 per month. And those with hose of more than $130,000 can pay one forth of the balance (not to exceed $500) followed by monthly payments of $75 a month until the balance is paid.

“This is a plane from the very moment it took off the ground that was in disarray. It is a plane that was in disrepair and our objective is to fix the plane while we fly it at the same time. Because we have debt that we have to pay, we have money that has to be collected to fix certain elements of the system, it is necessary we work in a collaborative way.”

Lumumba says he’s confident legal action against Siemens, the company that installed the meters, will be successful.

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