“Peace in the Streets” to rally in Jackson Sunday


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With recent gun violence in the City of Jackson, the group “Peace in the Streets” will hold a prayer march this weekend in hopes to spread the message of unity.

“I feel like I really need to unite the community and unite the community in a way that brings us all together,” said John Hendricks, a member of the groups.

In six months, 61 homicides have been reported in the City of Jackson. Police said a majority of the recent crimes have been altercations between young adults.

“It’s really very sad to see a lot of my peers to veer down the wrong path and choose violence or something less intelligent,” stated Hendricks.

He said many young people don’t have positive outlets or things to do, so they’re turning to guns.

“You are smarter than a second decision. You don’t want to spend the next 10-15 years for 10 seconds or a total of three seconds.”

Hendricks continued, “It is a split decision most of the time, not in all cases, but most of the time it’s a split decision that happens within five minutes or a couple seconds that results in younger people loosing their or mostly their entire lives to prison.”

He said when he heard about the death of Kennedy Hobbs, it took a personal toll.

“I’ve seen her from a young age and just to see her life be snuffed out was a very hard thing to fathom.”

The prayer marches started a few months ago. Hendricks believes they’re making a difference, but it’s not enough.

“I do feel like were slowly and surly getting our message out there with consistency and just the determination to keep going and keep pushing,” he said. “I feel like were going to do better by grabbing a lot of our youth and getting them incorporated.”

The march will be on Sunday, June 13, at 1:00 p.m. at the Texaco gas station on Medgar Evers Boulevard in Jackson.

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