Vandals tear up Guyton Field


PEARL, Miss. (WJTV)– Guyton Field is a treasure to people in the Pearl community, but this weekend someone damaged the field.​
The Pearl community is active, and many children love to play sports so when parents found out the field was vandalized, they were angry. ​
​Jessica Fields has fond memories at Guyton Field.​​

She says whoever vandalized the field is hurting kids who love to play sports, like her son, and all the other children who participate in parks and recreation. ​

Greg Flynn was out Monday night, coaching basketball, and he’s also the City of Pearl spokesperson. He told us about what happened at the field. ​
“On Friday night, somebody thought it would be awfully funny to come out and turn up all the dirt and do wheelies and do all sorts of ​different stuff out here on our baseball field on Guyton Field right here behind our Lower Elementary School,” said Flynn. “They also hit our ​golf course, the 16th fairway over at the golf course too.”​

The police department says they want to get to the bottom of this, and they want the people who tore up the field to pay in some way. ​
“We’re about to spend $12 million on new parks here and new ball fields here,” said Flynn. “We can’t afford to have this happen here again, certainly as we get these new ones. There will be surveillance cameras on the new ones. You won’t see them, but they’re going to be there, so that’s just a warning to anyone that’s going to be there and going to be out there in the future.”​
If you know who is responsible, call the Pearl Police Department at (601) 939-7000.

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