Pearl River flood forces many to evacuate northeast Jackson neighborhood


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Pearl River is still almost four feet from cresting, but already people in northeast Jackson are having to evacuate.

Low lying areas vulnerable to flooding can’t keep up draining the Pearl’s backwater.

Foxboro Drive is pretty much engulfed and it’s only going to get worse. The predicted crest forced many along the street to interrupt their workday so they could race home to save what they could.

Homeowners along Foxboro Dr. and neighboring streets were not taking any chances as they watched their community flood for the second time in a month.

“This is the first time that it has risen this fast,” Sharon Paige said. “Because in the past we did have enough time to get things out. But today it’s just like that.”

For the Holder family down the road, they had to cut their work shifts short to gather at home to come up with a plan.

“I know we leaving,” Mickey Holder told us. “I’m getting my family and some belongings and were going to leave and get a motel. If we make it back in, we make it back in, if we don’t it’s materials as long as I get my family out.”

Low lying areas like Foxboro begin to go under when the Pearl River crests at 34-ft. and backs up their drainage sending water back onto the street. With a new predicted crest at 38-ft. by Saturday. That’s another four feet of water taking over their properties.

“I have a couple of my co-workers here helping me get a few things out,” Paige said. “The majority of things is my television and some pictures.”

“Trying to go to work and a lady was stuck, she was also trying to go to work,” Holder stated. “Then I got a neighbor across the street, she’s been in a motel all week and looking to move out of the neighborhood.”

A street over on River Rd. one man showed us how the flooded Pearl has also backed up creeks and drain ditches next to the neighborhood pushing water right up into his yard.

“Three trees fell on my house and I just got it back together,” Johnnie Thomas said. “And now this here, it’s kind of rough. My plan is to put my stuff in storage somewhere and go to a motel.”

One of many examples of neighbors pulling together in this mess was two men voluntarily powering up their four-wheelers and driving people through the flood water to and from their homes to pack up quickly.

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