Pearl River reaches moderate flood stage, many Hinds County roads at risk


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The flash flood watch in the metro has centered on the Pearl River as water levels reach heights not seen in almost 40 years.

Over the next few days long periods of steady rain, and the reservoir gates opening will put communities at risk.

At this moment the Pearl River is just reaching moderate flood stage sitting at 33-ft. By this weekend it will rise a couple more feet and put almost three dozen roads at risk of going under.

Since last weekend the City of Jackson and Hinds County first responders have been stretched thin responding to flash flood calls.

“Flash flooding is instant as we saw yesterday,” Hinds EOC Director Ricky Moore stated. “Camelot Apartments, there’s people who’ve been out there since 1985 and never seen that.”

From Wednesday through Saturday the Pearl River is predicted to constantly rise until it crests at 35.5-ft. The highest its been since 1983. Putting 33 different streets at risk of flooding.

“For those residents that are in need of additional assistance we ask that you reach out to the City of Jackson’s 311 line,” Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said. “If your in need of sandbags and unable to receive them.”

One of the areas predicted to flood when the Pearl reaches above 35-ft. is the Foxboro Dr. and Deer Trail community off Old Canton in northeast Jackson where flooding is all too common. Some homeowners have run out of options.

“Trying to relocate and move because you call and try to get some help and try to get somebody to do something about it but they won’t,” homeowner Mickey Holder explained. “Spend your hard earned dollars, but left hanging.”

In the wake of last Saturday’s storm the intersection of Foxboro Dr. and deer trail was engulfed despite there being three storm drains where the roads meet.

“I call every time before it floods but they don’t ever clean the drains out,” homeowner Michael Holder told us. “All these drains lead to the back side of the house. Those not cleaned out for the rain than we’re going to have this. So clean your drains in the back we wouldn’t have this.”

“We have to leave and go to work and before I’ve had to call and tell them I’m going to be late,” Mickey said. “Because I can’t get out. Water is up so high that you have to have a truck or big utility vehicle in order to leave.”

Looking into the drains on Foxboro Dr. all of them showed signs of being clogged with water still sitting near the top from Saturday. Even with flooding imminent for streets like these operators at the reservoir are storing 2.5-ft. of water to lower the river level.

“We’re expecting the peak inflow of around 60,000 cubic feet per-second,” John Sigman of The Pearl River Water Supply said. “That’s a lot of water. We will cutoff the discharge from the lake at 44,000 cubic feet per-second. What happens to the rest of that water, we’ll put it in the lake until we can’t put it in the lake anymore.”

Other harsh weather in the forecast is chances of hail and heavy winds. For the full list of roads at risk of being flooded again click below.

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