Pelahatchie Board of Alderman tables vote on resolution to declare mayor’s office vacant


PELAHATCHIE, Miss. (WJTV) – The Pelahatchie Board of Alderman decided to table a vote on a resolution to declare the Office of the Mayor to be vacant.

According to a letter that was shared on Mayor Ryshonda Harper Beechem’s Facebook page, the resolution said the mayor has failed to properly execute the obligations of her office.

During the special meeting on Wednesday, one of the issues was the town’s computer system. Officials said the deputy clerk of Pelahatchie has been unable to do everything her job requires because she doesn’t have access to her computer. 

“If you’re asking me if she can handle the money at this time, no, because I was waiting on the state auditor investigation report from them,” said Beechem.

There is an investigation involving embezzlement with the deputy clerk of Pelahatchie. The board of alderman believe the mayor isn’t telling the truth.

“We’ve got paper receipts that the mayor herself signed off on and approved for the clerk to get the overtime money. But yet, she wants to file charges that she stole money. She didn’t steal any money,” said Alderman Eddie Jones.

There was a motion for the mayor immediately reinstate access to the computer for the deputy clerk so that she could get back to work. Beechem said she feels that the meeting was pointless. 

“In my opinion, it was unnecessary because we already know what’s going on. We already know that there is an investigation. And if not, the state auditor will send a letter indicating that it’s not. And if it’s not, then she can get back to work, and I have no problem with that. But until then, I need a written letter or statement indicating that there is no findings to let me know that she’s able to get back to work,” explained the mayor.

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