Pelahatchie Mayor signs town employee checks after weeks of no payment


PELAHATCHIE, Miss. (WJTV)- The money is flowing again in Pelahatchie – after a month without pay – city workers are getting their checks – and they’ve been getting help getting back on their feet.

After several weeks of working without pay, the stalemate between Mayor Ryshonda Beecham and town employees is coming to an end.

The mayor did not sign their paychecks due to liability issues, but that changed on Wednesday. This includes all town employees like police, emergency services and city hall employees, like Deputy Town Clerk Barbara Harper.

“Today, the mayor is in the process of signing checks” Harper said. “It has not yet been completed, but she said she will be back to complete that process.”      

“We all work ya know because we wanna make a living,” Harper said.

“When you don’t get paid it does kind of put a little damper on things, you’re not always able to meet your financial obligations.”

That’s why Boo’s Smoke House Bar-B-Que extended its table during the interim.

They offered town employees a discount and charge account so that they didn’t have to worry about where their next meal came from.

 General Manager Debra Hollis said they felt like they owed it to them.

“Our safety is the number one priority to them,” Hollis said. “They’re great, they’re just like town heroes basically. They take care of us and we make sure we try to give back and take care of them.”

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