Pelahatchie Police Chief reinstated after suspension


PELATCHIE, Miss (WJTV) –   A lot can happen in one month… a mayor can refuse to sign paychecks… the public can bite back… a police chief can be suspended… and a motion can be passed to lift the suspension.

Pelahatchie town employees went a full month without being paid after Mayor Ryshonda Beecham refused to sign their paychecks, due to what she called liability issues.

She received pushback from town employees, like Police Chief Joseph Daughtry.

She suspended him saying he was insubordinate and creating an unsafe environment.

Some sided with her, thinking that her hands were tied..

“My heart went out to those who was not getting paid,” J. Holly, a Pelahatchie citizen told 12 News. “I would not condone, I mean I would not like to… but you need to point the finger where the finger needs to pointed, and it wasn’t the mayor.”

Others sided with Chief Daughtry, saying this never should’ve happened. “We are big supporters of him and stand behind him, ” one supporter told us.

Friday night, a board of Alderman meeting included an almost unanimous vote to lift Chief Daughtry’s suspension.

The only member who voted against it was Mayor Beecham.

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