People race to grocery stores, stocking up on bread and water


As heavy rain and winds from Barry close in on the west side of Mississippi families and authorities are working together to stock up on supplies and make plans.

Sitting along the Mississippi river Vicksburg and Warren County have many low lying areas, some of which are already underwater and with up to half a foot of rain on the way families are looking out for one another.

After hearing about the impacts Barry left in Louisiana people in Warren County are racing to plan ahead. 

“I had to get some bread for my grandma before so storm comes in,” Vicksburg native DeShawn Phillips said. “So she can be able to have some.”

“Kind of frighten of it, but hopefully everything will work out ok,” Joannie Smith said. “Just trying to get everything straight checking in on my family and friends.”

For her this was her last chance to help a friend batting a stroke to stock up on water. 

“I’m going to make sure she’s completely stocked up on everything and making sure that she’s safe,” Smith continued. “And that someone is always checking in on her which I do anyway.”

This type of unity in the community has kept the stores busy. 

“You want stick to basic necessities like water, bread, any kind of cereal if you have young kids,” Sullivan’s Grocery Manager Joseph Griffin said. “You have something for them, something that’s not going to parish you can have something that’s stowed away, keep it in your cabinets, keep it in your coverage.”

Meanwhile along the river front where the Mississippi and Yazoo have already engulfed roads and threaten homes, authorities advise people to be alert for more flash flooding and have a plan. 

“Make sure you don’t have your vehicle parked in a spot lower than the rest of the property,” Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace told us. “You don’t want your vehicle to go under, you don’t want to decide to leave and then not be able to get your vehicle out.”

“Don’t drive through water across the road, you don’t know how deep the water is,” Pace continued. “You don’t know if the road has imperfections in it, or the road had been compromised. Turn around don’t drown.”

Places like Eagle Lake affected by the backwater flood are still under mandatory evacuations, with the exception of property owners checking their homes. But deputies are still set up 24/7 around the area if needed. 

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