Petal residents call for Mayor to resign over comments towards George Floyd


PETAL, Miss. (WJTV) – The phrase I can’t breathe has been echoed from Minneapolis to New York, Los Angles, and now lands in Petal, Mississippi in support of George Floyd. Following the mayor’s controversial Facebook post supporting the officers, the public wants him to step down. 

“You work for the city and the people of Petal and we are saying we don’t want you here anymore,” one lady shouted as mayor Hal Marx spoke. 

It was one Facebook and several Tweets that had the people of Petal fed up with Mayor Hal Marx. Pushing a tragedy in Minneapolis right to the city hall board room. 

“Based on Hal Marx’s continued remarks and out of touch with the citizens, the board has determined he’s unfitted to continue capacity as mayor,” Alderman Clint Moore of Ward three read in an opening statement.

Online mayor Hal Marx tweeted George Floyd can still breathe since he spoke in the video and may have died of “an overdose or heart attack”. 

“What I said came out in a way I wish I had said differently,” mayor Marx announced. “It wasn’t to minimize that gentleman’s death. It was simply an impulsive statement I hope people wait for all the answers.” 

At many times the crowd erupted cutting off mayor Marx responses. Especially when he claimed his posts were not racially motivated.

On the agenda, the board of alderman discussed reducing the mayor’s salary as a punishment but tabled the motion. And urged him to step down. He denied, but the public continued to push him to resign. 

“If there is one police officer thinking he can kill somebody you let him know that it’s ok,” Renard Elliot of Petal said at the podium. 

“Have you sat and thought about how that family feels?” Petal relator Kimberly Molina asked mayor Marx. “Now Petal is being seen nationally. How are we going to get anybody to invest in us.” 

“I had to work so hard to represent Mississippi at an IV league school. You are the type of person keeping minorities down,” Myla Cox of Brown University said to mayor Marx.

But there were others in the crowd supporting mayor Marx. Wanting a more civil discussion to be held and not blow his online posts out of proportion. 

“I’m in support of Hal,” Tessa Collett told us. “When I read his post, I didn’t take it anything more than a statement”

There are expected to be protests in the City of Petal later this weekend. Both sides state they’ll keep it peaceful.

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