Pets shot in Brookhaven with pellet guns


BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WJTV)– Brookhaven police are investigating reports of pets being shot.
The animals were hit with pellet guns.

In the Vernondale neighborhood watch group on Facebook, Michelle Fitzsimmons posts
about her dog being shot by a pellet gun. Little Sherman had to have surgery. Fitzsimmons says the pellet was lodged in his knee joint.

” I think a lot of people done bought they kids pellet guns and kids are
being kids, creating mayhem,” said Kenneth Collins, Brookhaven Police Chief. “They need somebody with them. They have these weapons or they have these toys. They need to have a time for target practice.”

The chief says pellet guns like these can be deadly and it’s unfair to the animals–because they have rights too.

“I know we’ve got a 2 or 3 of them so far at least,” said Collins. “I have got a lot of calls from citizens, don’t want to be in it. My neighbors or my neighbors kids down the street. I saw some neighbors’ kids running back in the house and they’re torn between being a good neighbor, some of them may be their friends and they don’t want
to cause no problem between them or their neighbor that’s what you run into to.”

According to the chief, the ones pulling the triggers and their parents could be charged..

“Animal cruelty, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct they could face charges,” said Collins. “Now if they are juveniles, we’ll fill out a youth court petition, the parents can incur a fine, but
we can lock the parents up, if it gets so bad. We can charge them up to delinquency of a

An animal control officer even has a family member whose cat was shot.

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