Pharmacists emphasize flu shot importance to avoid potential ‘twindemic’


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — October 1 is traditionally when people start preparing for cold and flu season – but this year, people started getting their protection early.

“We started seeing demand over the summer which is kind of rare,” said Carmen Lewis, a pharmacist at Walgreens on County Line Road in Jackson.

She said this year, flu shots are especially  important and people have been taking advantage of them so far.

“As early as July people were wanting to get flu shots,” Lewis said. “We were providing them. We had them early.”

Lewis reminded us that flu shots are not like the shots that we get when we’re little kids. We have to get new ones every year to prepare for a different strain.

“The flu virus changes up from year to year,” Lewis said. “So that’s one reason why we have to get it every year because from last year to this year it might be different.”

She added that if enough people don’t get their shots, a “twindemic” between COVID and the flu may be inevitable.

Cameron Huff said that he has not always gotten a flu shot in the past, but that this year he definitely will.

“I usually don’t get the flu shots but at some point I am planning on getting a shot with the pandemic going on,” Huff said. “Over 1,000,000 people have died over this pandemic and it’s very very important to get this flu shot.”

Lewis said that there’s always a chance that supplies will run low, but that because of this year’s influx, production is being ramped up.


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