Photographer’s empowerment shoot shares women’s insecurities


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kicking insecurities to the curb, it’s what a local group of women wants to inspire others to do.

“It was just something I just really wanted to share with the world,” said Alicia Koeppen, photographer.

It’s been almost a week since photographer Alicia Koeppen snapped and shared these pictures. But the impact is still being felt by many, especially by those involved, choosing to share their deepest insecurities.

“Seeing that smile on my face was what made it, what made the picture for me,” said Chelsea Jackson, Hutchinson.

“I haven’t seen a full body picture of myself that I’ve liked in several years, and I actually like these pictures,” said Kaela Moore, Little River.

Kaela Moore says a car accident, left her paralyzed from the mid-abdomen down, and she struggles with body image. It’s why she wanted to be a part of Koeppen’s empowerment shoot.

“I wanted to gain some confidence for myself, but I also wanted to help others see themselves in a way that I’ve recently started seeing myself as still being beautiful,” said Moore.

Koeppen says the idea for the project came from her own insecurities, after seeking help.

“I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a young girl,” said Koeppen.

She also was a part of the shoot, that the women hope, change the way we think.

“If we didn’t have those things holding us back, imagine what we would be capable of,” said Koeppen.

She says the response has been overwhelming, and people from outside Kansas have seen the photo album and have thanked her for sharing the message.

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