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100 years of the 19th Amendment celebrated in Hattiesburg

Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, Miss  In 1919, decades of women’s suffrage came to a head when the 19th amendment was passed in Congress, giving women the right to vote.

100 years later, women are still fighting for equality. However they’re also celebrating what they have already accomplished. 

Today at a luncheon in Hattiesburg, that momentous law was celebrated.

It’s an opportunity not just to celebrate what bringing women the right to vote and bringing them to the table in the electoral process means, but also celebrating all of the women from different walks of life who have contributed to the Hattiesburg or Greater Pine Belt community, explained Anna Rush, the chair of the 19th Amendment committee who hosted this event. So this is a great opportunity to celebrate them. 

The event was highlighted by a number of speakers, who honored groundbreaking pioneers in the fight for women’s equal rights. 

That includes the event’s keynote speaker, Jennifer Ingram Johnson.

We’ve got some great speakers here. We’ve got Jennifer Ingram Johnson, said Rush. She’s a local attorney here in Hattiesburg. She’s the president-elect of the Mississippi BAR Association. And she’s speaking on her mentor, Evelyn Gandy, who was one of the first women elected in Mississippi, and the first woman to hold public office.

Johnson spoke at length about Gandy and the impact she had not only on her, but the state of Mississippi and women’s rights as a whole. 

This is an incredibly meaningful event. Celebrating the 19th amendment is very important, explained Johnson. Celebrating women is very important, certainly something Governor Gandy would have loved being a part of. So I’m incredibly honored to have been chosen today to educate our home town about Evelyn Gandy and all of her wonderful accomplishments during this very special year.

The luncheon kicked off a year-long celebration of the 19th amendment.

The next event will be held in august as Gracie for President will be read in Hattiesburg-area schools.

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