HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Video evidence could help determine the fate of a man arrested for a fatal shooting in Forrest County.

The attorney for Zadarrious Sutton said his client could not have been responsible for the homicide. Video evidence suggests that Sutton was at another location at the time of the shooting.

Sutton is one of four suspects who were arrested for the shooting that happened in the early morning hours of October 29 at 195 Fruitland Park Lounge in Forrest County. The Forrest County Sheriff’s Office has yet to confirm the exact time of the shooting.

Sutton’s attorney, Vanessa J. Jones, said video shows his client 38 miles away that morning at Club Empire in Gulfport.

“His cell phone and Instagram videos show he was actually in Gulfport and was nowhere near this scene,” said Jones.

The attorney claims Sutton was arrested on the basis of a bystander’s account. She said deputies did not question Sutton and did not have the proper evidence to arrest him.

“Normally if a bystander states that someone committed a crime, the next step is for them to investigate and corroborate what this bystander says, because we know that normally a bystander identification without further evidence is probably some of the weakest cases you’re going to get,” Jones stated.

Sutton said the arrest has impacted his life.

“The person that I am, I’m not a shooter or a killer. I feel like it was all just thrown at me at once. Me going to jail, I can’t see my family, and I’ve got a business right now, and it just makes me look like a monster,” he said.

The sheriff’s office now has the video, and Sutton has been released on his own recognizance.

“We’re hoping for a dismissal. And in addition to that, we’re just hoping that law enforcement, not only here in Forest County, but nationwide could just take into consideration in this social media age that once you put someone’s mugshot and accuse them of horrendous crimes, that is very difficult, if not impossible, to take it back in,” said Jones.

Officials with the sheriff’s office said they’re reviewing the video evidence.