PETAL, Miss. (WHLT) – Dawson Cut-Off in Petal will be closed for a four-week $1 million sewer project.

The upgrades in this area will have sewer pipelines go from eight-inch pipes to 12-inch line replacements. The pipes are designed to end a long standing issue with sewer backup when it rains in Petal. The improvements will cost just over $1 million, which was awarded to the city in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

Petal Mayor Tony Ducker said he’s excited about the project.

“This particular project here on Dawson Cut-Off, we expect it to be around a four week project. It is one of the last stops for our sewer in our town, so we need to upgrade that go from a eight-inch to a 12-inch line and do some lift station upgrades. We’re really excited about getting some of this stuff done finally,” he said.

Residents, who have suffered from sewer issues, said the problems have bothered them for the last four years.

“I’d be greatly appreciative if they fixed it,” said Chris Hawthorne, who lives in Petal.

The mayor said these improvements are only the first step.

“This is the first step in an $11 million contract that we signed with our engineers, but obviously, we don’t have $11 million, but we wanted to do the planning. So if our representatives, if our senator said, ‘Hey, what would you do with the money?’ We’ve got a plan in place to take care of that. These are things that need to be done one way or the other, so hopefully, we can find the funds to get them done,” said Ducker.

Next month, the city will attempt to double its funds for improvements by applying for available funds with the state.