HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – On Tuesday, the Courts of Mississippi announced Pearl River Community College’s (PRCC) inaugural program for court reporters. Classes are scheduled to begin August 6, 2021, at the Hattiesburg campus of PRCC.

The program is designed to respond to a need for well-trained professional stenographers to record,  transcribe and create an official record of court proceedings. According to the Courts of Mississippi, there is a shortage of certified court reporters, as retirements have outpaced new people coming into the profession.

Other employment opportunities are available outside the courtroom, with the need for closed captioning in television, movies, sports broadcasting and other venues.

Classes will be taught on Friday and Saturday twice a month. The hybrid program  will also include online classes.

The new program is prepared to enroll as many as 15 students. They can apply for enrollment at PRCC. Enrollment information may be found on the college’s website, www.prcc.edu.