HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – The baby Colobus monkey born at the Hattiesburg Zoo on April 9 will be in its outdoor habitat with its mom beginning Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

“Mom and baby are both doing great,” said Hattiesburg Zoo animal curator, Kristen Moore. “We have not yet determined the sex of the baby because mom is holding it so tightly, which is a good sign in this case.”

The baby will continue to rely on its mother (Makeda) for milk as its primary source of nutrition, and begin eating solid foods between four and six weeks when it becomes curious as to what Makeda is eating. The baby will wean around sixth months.

Mother Makeda and father Mombasa are both seven-years of age, and met one another at the Hattiesburg Zoo. This week. mom and baby will be introduced back into their habitat by themselves.

“We will begin introducing dad, Mombasa into the habitat once we determine Makeda and the baby are well adjusted and comfortable,” said Moore. “Our keepers will maintain a watchful eye on them to ensure that those introductions go well, and we will go as slowly as Makeda wants.”