COVID-19 hospitalizations trend lower at Merit Health Wesley

Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – When it comes to COVID-19, overall hospitalizations are trending lower in Mississippi. One Hattiesburg Hospital is seeing its situation improve.

Dr. Daniel Crane, the ER medical director with Merit Health Wesley, said hospitalizations are down now compared to less month.

“Currently, we have 21 patients in house and only four of those are vaccinated and rest are unvaccinated or not completely finished their vaccinations,” he explained.

Merit Health Wesley is on a downward trend in overall hospital admissions, dropping to a lower rate of 40 percent.

Crane said, “We were at 65 total previously, and now we’re down to 21, so definitely moving in the right direction so we’re thrilled to see that.”

Patients with COVID continue to fill the ICU unit. Doctors said based on data, patients are 10 to 30 times more likely to get admitted with COVID if they’re unvaccinated versus vaccinated.

“We see both with COVID but what your seeing is a lot more unvaccinated patients are sicker and mortality rate is also much higher, eight times more high for unvaccinated versus vaccinated,” said Crane.

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