FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – The Forrest County Sheriff’s Office received a much needed upgrade when it comes to equipment.

Thanks to a community funded project grant with Congress, new radios and body cameras will be delivered to the sheriff’s office. Leaders with the department said they are grateful after working with broken radios and body cameras they had to purchase themselves.

“Communication is vital for our deputies out on the road. The radios that we have are out dated. They can no longer be fixed. They do not meet the current requirements for the digital digital requirements,” said Forrest County Sheriff Charley Sims.

Sims continued, “I had deputies going out on there own and purchasing body cameras. That’s how important it was to them. They knew the benefits that it not only it helped to document what happened on the scene, but it was backup for them if someone made a complaint or something else they had that body camera to support them.”

Only a few officers had the self purchased body cameras, but now 60 body cameras and 60 radios will be supplied to deputies and correction officers throughout the department.