Hattiesburg nonprofit affected by increase in lumber prices

Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – With the current increase in the cost of lumber, local nonprofits are being impacted by the increase making it challenging to build or complete homes.

For years, the Habitat for Humanity has helped families build homes. The executive director of Habitat For Humanity in the Pine Belt, Mike Pascarella, said it has been a challenge over the last few months due to higher lumber prices. According to Pascarella, their current budget can not take the increased cost of lumber.

“Lumber is the biggest cost for our next bill coming up two by four’s. The sheets of OSBS is $42. Two years ago, it was $7.00, and for a nonprofit budget, that’s a huge difference,” he stated.

Pascarella said they are making adjustments by using other saved up funds to maintain its operations.

“We continue to do fundraisers to try to raise our own money. We continue to get grants, and we continue to lean on the support of the community.”

The Habitat for Humanity is working on a project in Palmer’s Crossing that was started in December of 2020. Due to the price hike with lumber, the project is in limbo.

Akwete Muhammad, the Fundraising Coordinator of Habitat for Humanity-Hattiesburg, said, “Lumber is fundamental to every single project that we do because it’s so expensive our project is all at a standstill.”

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