WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – A Heidelberg head football coach was removed from the stadium after a fight broke out during a Wayne County-Quitman game on Thursday, August 25.

The Laurel Leader Call reported coach Jim Nowell was attending the game as a spectator and to scout Quitman for the Oilers’ September 2 matchup.

The incident began when a commotion on the home side of the stadium turned fans’ attention away from the field during the first quarter. Once security cleared the stands, Nowell was escorted off school grounds. He was reportedly bloodied and disoriented.

According to the newspaper, Nowell can be seen arguing with Johnathan Dearman of Wayne County in a video of the incident. Dearman appeared to have asked Nowell to stop using profanity, to which Nowell responded, “You’re getting your a** kicked by a d*** 4A school.”

The East Jasper School District did not respond to the newspaper’s request for a comment on the matter.