Icy conditions on the roadways keep tow truck companies busy

Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – Tow truck companies throughout the Pine Belt are keeping busy due to the icy conditions on the roadways.

As crews around various parts of Hattiesburg continue to work on the road, there are many cars still stuck on the streets. 

Wednesday morning, roads were covered with snow and ice that caused many vehicles to crash into ditches.

A Pro Towing in Hattiesburg were one of many towing companies that responded to dozens of calls from Tuesday night into Wednesday afternoon.  

Mike Moore with the company says the snowfall this time around was a little different than previous snowfall in early December. He said he received 40 to 50 calls related to the snow, but was only able to respond to about 20 of them.

“Probably a little icier this time, but just as busy, and we’ve probably had more than we can handle.”

To see what sort of calls Moore was responding to, we respond to two calls with him. 

On the first call, a driver of a Mustang was trying to go up a hill and avoid another vehicle, when her car slid on ice and shifted in the ditch. She didn’t have any injuries, but she said she’d never experienced anything like that before. 

Mike Moore and his partner were able to get the Mustang out, and the driver was able to safely leave from the area.

The second call was for a vehicle that also had an encounter with icy roads. However, in this case the driver was able to leave his car on the curb and get home safely. 

Moore says when making contact with icy roads, there are a few things you should do.

“First and foremost is keeping distance from someone else… being careful how they break. If they see ice I would recommend to try to just go through it without gassing or even breaking, and just keep your wheel straight, and of course obviously the best thing is to stay home.”

Lastly, Moore says if you ever get stuck on the road or in a ditch, call for help, get out of the vehicle and find a safe place to stand until someone can help you. 

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