HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Student athletes in the Pine Belt, who get injured while playing in Friday night football games, no longer have to wait until Monday to receive care. 

Throughout the 2022 high school football season, Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine will offer a Friday Night Injury Clinic. Leaders said the goal of the injury clinic is to provide injured athletes with immediate treatment at the specialty clinic instead of the emergency room. 

“It gives parents a lot of comfort. It gives some reassurance to them. You know, a lot of the times when your kid gets injured, you’re stressed about having to wait for that time frame. And so being to come immediately afterwards and get the reassurance from a physician and the treatment that’s necessary, it makes a big difference,” said Jessica Tullos, physician at Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

While immediate care is vital for athletes to get back on the court or field, medical leaders said getting kids back in the game is important for their emotional health.  

“When you’re not there with your teammates, there’s all sorts of psychological things that are going on. You’re missing that time with your teammates. It’s not just physical, it’s emotional. And so, you want that time back with your teammates, and so, you’re missing the success you had with them individually and with your team,” said Travis Holifield, Athletic Trainer at North Forrest High School.

In just one week of opening for student athletes this season, the clinic has already seen some extreme cases. The clinic is free on Friday nights for student athletes.