Jones County business delivers supplies to help Mississippians impacted by Hurricane Ida

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Jones County Medical Supply delivers oxygen tanks, ventilators and other supplies to the homes of more than 1,500 Mississippians.

“We’re kind of that group of providers that no one really knows about. We kind of just do our work, take care of our patients,” said Chief Operating Officer (COO) Matthew Boyd.

Boyd said one product has been in extreme high demand throughout the pandemic.

“There’s a much higher demand for oxygen these days, so that has been a strain on everything. And with hurricanes approaching and response, that just makes it two-fold in responding and being prepared,” said Boyd.

Before Hurricane Ida made landfall, Jones Medical Supply sprung into action making sure all of their at-risk patients were taken care of.

“All oxygen equipment is powered by electricity and then they have back up tanks. So, we call those patients to check on supplies of what they have and then restock them in time before the hurricane comes,” said Boyd.

The company delivered oxygen tanks all the way up to the point when emergency weather officials advised people to stay home. Then, they made more deliveries to patients without power as soon as it was safe to get back out.

“Even though we were not in Louisiana, we still had a lot of patients who were affected by the hurricane and didn’t have power for many days,” said Boyd.

All of their emegency preparedness work was done with no extra pay.

“We get paid one allotted amount no matter what, so when somebody loses power, and continuously needs tanks that we’re taking, we get paid nothing extra for that,” said Boyd.

Boyd said after the storm, most of the deliveries were made in south and west Mississippi. He said they even got a number of new patients that evacuated from Louisiana and were in need of oxygen tanks.

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