Jones County deputies seize more than 100 vape pens from schools

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JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – Jones County deputies seized more than 100 vape pens from Jones County schools.

In Mississippi, you have to be 18 or older to vape. However, the recent confiscation indicated there are plenty of minors vaping illegally. Jones County School District leaders said it’s time to put illegally vaping to a stop.

They said the biggest concern in terms of vaping products are those that are illegal.

“The problem that we’ve had is several students that have taken a hit of a vape and passed out. We tested one substance as CBD oil once. We tested this substance didn’t test for CBD. It tested for vadium, which is a heavy toxic metal, ethylene glycol, which is basically antifreeze, and a lot of other harsh metals,” said Sgt. Jake Driskell with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office.

Superintendent Tommy Parker said they’re mainly seeing the problems with underage vaping in grades seven through 12.

“I think each and every school district is fighting a battle with vaping being conducted on their campuses and schools, and placing their students in danger, because so many times students really don’t know what’s contained in the vape that they have,” he said.

Parker also said those who are caught will be punished, either with suspension or expulsion.

Sgt. Driskell said the products they’re seizing can sometimes contain illegal and harmful substances.

“What we are seeing now is that certain molecules of CBD oil, after it goes through a heating process through the vape, it turns into what we call CBD 2, and turns into THC, and it has a higher THC value. So, we are seeing these kids test positive for marijuana when they’re only buying CBD,” he stated.

Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin also urged parents to watch out for unknown products around their children and underage sales.

“Parents, it’s not okay for your child to smoke a vape, period. And parents, y’all going to have to start enforcing this at home, and it’s not up to us to enforce this. Y’all need to make sure that your kids are doing the right thing,” said Berlin.

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