HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Two men are in custody after a shooting that left one in critical condition Friday, July 8.

A shooting in Eastabuchie left people stunned Friday when one car drove up and shot into another vehicle at Mak’s gas station. A infant in the vehicle was also thrown out the passenger window, and the victim was shot several times with the greatest wound in his neck.

A charge nurse, who was getting gas, jumped into action. 

“I look to the side, and the baby was on the ground, so I just ran and grab the baby up and was looking at the baby’s wounds and trying to make sure the baby was alright. By the time I turned around with the baby, the father of the baby come from around the building holding his neck with blood gushing everywhere. I just start screaming, ‘Somebody call 911, somebody come get this baby, and somebody get me something to apply pressure that he has been hit real bad,'” said Ronda Deloach, a nurse at Hattiesburg Clinic.

Deloach said someone brought her a jacket and a towel, and she kept applying pressure and talking to the victim while they waited for help.

“He kept asking was his baby alright. I assured him that his baby was alright, and he just said, ‘Ma’am, don’t let me die out here.’ I said, ‘Baby, you not [going to] die,'” explained Deloach.

The man is now in stable but critical condition at a local hospital. The nurse said the community needs to stop gun violence.

“We need to stop all these young men shooting each other. We just have to stop some of this and let them know that there are other ways to do things. When you get in a altercation, you don’t have to take up a gun and take somebody life,” said Deloach.