Lamar County officials urge residents to follow house numbers law

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LAMAR COUNTY, Miss.(WHLT) – Officials in Lamar County are making it a priority to enforce their house numbers law. 

The law requires residents to clearly display their house numbers in front of their yard in reflective letters three inches or larger. 

Back on February 5, the Lamar County Board of Supervisors revisited the 1997 ordinance that specifies all owners and occupants must obey “Section 4: Posting of Designated Procedures,” of the ordinance. 

Recently first responders have found it difficult to locate certain houses when responding to 9-1-1 calls. 

Phillip Carlisle, District 4 Supervisor, says the county does not want to fine people, but it’s important to have these numbers posted. 

“It’s more the rural areas where we want to make sure that if they need an ambulance, if they need a fire truck, if they need deputies that they’re able to respond in a timely manner,” he explained. 

Fire Coordinator George Stevens also encourages residents to follow this ordinance. He says sometimes it’s like a guessing game for crews when house numbers not visible.

“It just causes us a lot of trouble, especially when we have a lot of homes that don’t have addresses. Every mailbox we have to slow down and look to see if we can find the number and go to the next mailbox… and sometimes it’s just on one side of the mailbox. So we have to stop and get passed the mailbox to see if there’s a number,” Stevens said. 

If residents do not comply with this law, they could be fined up to $50 a day. 

Residents who need an example of the numbers or have further questions, should visit the Lamar County Central Office Complex. 

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