LAUREL, Miss. (WHLT) – A new modified school calendar has been introduced this year for the Laurel School District.

Two weeks from the summer break are being added to the school year for some students within the school district. The new calendar kicks off on July 22, which for some students is two weeks earlier than usual.

“Students who go to intersession will actually be invited, so it will not be for all students to participate during that intersession time. During that time, when some students are invited and they come to school, all other students are out for those entire two weeks,” explained. Superintended Dr. Toy L. Watts.

The superintendent said the goal is student achievement.

“The goal for the whole change into the schedule is student achievement. Our focus is always student achievement. That’s like top of our list. We want to see our numbers increase in proficiency. That’s going to be the tell-tale sign on if what we’re implementing is working,” said Watts.

The extra days won’t be extra days at all. Students will receive a break later in the year as an alternative.

“We, our teachers, will still teach for 187 days. Our students will still have a normal 180 days that’s required for instruction. We will still have our normal holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break. We’ve actually added a Fall Break to go with one of our fall intersessions,” said Watts.

Gulfport and Lamar County school districts also offer intersession for their students. If your student is chosen for intersession, you can choose to opt-out, but the school district recommends letting your student attend.

Transportation, breakfast and lunch will be available to students during this extra session.