JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – Jones County deputies arrested a man for illegally entering and living in a home that was about to be listed for sale.

Deputies said 39-year-old Joshua Holland, of Laurel, was arrested Friday after being discovered inside a home on Faith Lane in the Powers community.

The homeowner and the owner of Red Fox Realty said they found Holland inside the home when they came to prepare to list the home for sale.

Investigators said Holland broke into the home and unboxed clothes, dishes, and other personal family belongings. They said he set up living accommodations in a bedroom and other areas of the home.

Once Holland was discovered, deputies said he ran from the scene.

The owner of Red Fox Realty contacted Jones County Sheriff’s Department Administrator Lance Chancellor who lived a short distance away on Reid Road. According to deputies, Holland was spotted crossing the front yard of the home on Faith Lane and was ordered to stop by Chancellor at gunpoint.

Holland was arrested shortly afterwards and was charged with burglary of an inner door. He was taken to the Jones County Adult Detention Facility.

Holland’s bond was set at $2,000.