JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – A man is facing nearly a dozen aggravated assault charges after he allegedly fired a gun at a group of people in Jasper County on Wednesday, November 9.

The Laurel Leader Call reported Aaron Holder, 38, is accused of firing a high-powered rifle at a construction crew and family with children at a residence near Louin. The bullet went through the rim of an ATV before traveling between the group of people. No one was injured.

Sheriff Randy Johnson said off-duty Mississippi High Patrol trooper Brandon Sullivan was near the scene when it happened. He armed himself to confront Holder and when he did, Holder allegedly jumped on him. Sullivan and people from the group helped restrain Holder until deputies arrived.

He was charge with ten counts of aggravated assault and one count of aggravated assault on a police officer.

Johnson said Holder has a history of drug abuse and “getting abusive.” He continued that he doesn’t know why he fired the shot.