Warning: The video in this story may be disturbing for some viewers.

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – A Wayne County man is recovering after being viscously attacked by pit bulls in Jones County.

Nicholas Rigby was visiting a friend on Tuesday, October 10 when the neighbor’s three dogs attacked him. Rigby was able to fight the dogs off, but he suffered injuries to his arms, more than 30 puncture wounds and a large tear in his leg.

Rigby had to get 28 staples to close the wounds. He said he’s sore, but he’s thankful the attack wasn’t worse.

“The three dogs came out from behind the house, and I went down to the ground. The male dog, I wrapped him up so I could get to my knife. I caught him. He rolled down off of me. I started to stab the second one. I got him off of me. The third dog jumped back away from me. Well, I started crawling my way to the walkway to come up the ramp, and the third dog grabbed me by the back of my chest and dragged me back to the yard. And that’s when she came out hollering, and he finally let go of me,” Rigby explained.

Laurel Police Department Animal Control was requested to take possession of the three pit bulls and transport them to their facility in Laurel after the owner released ownership. The dogs are expected to be euthanized.

The owner will not face any criminal charges.