Mayor of Laurel shares his thoughts on new state flag

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Laurel, Miss. (WJTV) – The city of Laurel ordered the old flag bearing the confederate emblem be removed back in June. Now, the new flag is flying outside of city buildings in Laurel.

The mayor of Laurel said it’s a positive step in the right direction to repair the state’s dark past.

“It shows that we are progressing as being able to live together as people. Sometimes we disagree, but we can have a symbol that recognizes and represents everybody in the state of Mississippi,” said Mayor Johnny Magee.

Magee said having a new flag represents a rebirth for the state.

“By removing this symbol, it gives us an opportunity to try begin to heal as a people in the state and to allow unity at last.”

The new Mississippi state flag has a magnolia blossom on blue background. The flag was approved by voters on November 3.


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