HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – A service member, who suffered a severe heat stroke while training at Camp Shelby this summer, is recovering.

Colby Maury-Rice woke up from a 57-day coma on October 6. His father said he’s quickly regaining his memory and speech. He also took his first steps at physical therapy this week.

Maury-Rice collapsed while training at Camp Shelby on August 12. He suffered brain and kidney damaged due to the extreme heat and dehydration.

His family said his recovery is a miracle.

“He’s doing much better. He no longer has to have dialysis. His kidneys are working at 97%. He no longer has a breathing apparatus. His lungs are working. He no longer has a feeding tube. There’s still expensive rehabilitation that has to be done for him extensively, probably for the next two or three years. But we’re looking forward to them coming home and looking forward to having a homecoming celebration for having him walk through the door here,” said Maury-Rice’s father, Eddie Dockery.

The family hopes to have him home by Thanksgiving.