FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – Forrest County Sheriff Charlie Sims is warning neighbors about a circulating phone scam in the area.

He said the scammers attempt to solicit funds from victims by claiming they have unpaid fines or a failure to appear warrant and will be arrested.

Sims said the scammers pretend to be Officer Taylor, badge number 4475, from the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office. The number shows up as being from Forest and not Forrest County. The associated numbers are (601)-329-2336 and (601)-564-0370.

“This is a scam. You should never give anyone your personal information, bank details, or your credit card information. Also, never purchase a money card and read the numbers over the phone to someone as a payment. Yesterday, these scammers were pretending to be from the Hattiesburg Police Department and today they are claiming to be sheriff’s deputies, it’s all a ruse,” said Sims.

Call the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office at (601)-544-7800 for questions.