LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – A new map was approved for the redistricting of the Lamar County School District.

Pine Belt News reported the new map won’t affect students, only the board members’ districts. The decision to create a new map came after the recent census showed that Lamar County had grown from 55,658 to 66,222 people.

The map was chosen out of four options for its boundaries. Board members said the boundaries are easier to communicate. Additionally, the map doesn’t force a member out of their seat and doesn’t leave two members living in the same district.

The new districts are as follows:

  • District A (Deborah Pierce) – West of Interstate 59, north of Oak Grove and runs just north of Bellevue.
  • District B (Jim Braswell) – West of Interstate 49, some of Oak Grove and stretches south to Purvis.
  • District C (Jeremy Chance) – South of Oloh to include Baxterville, Talowah Wells Town and Lumberton and stretches south of Lumberston.
  • District D (Matt Mayo) – Just north of Bellevue, some of Oak Grove and stretches south toward Purvis.
  • District E (Jennie Hensarling) – Includes Sumrall, Oloh and some of Bellevue.