JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – On Friday, April 8, Juniors and seniors at Northeast Jones High School took part in an presentation to prevent them from drinking and driving ahead of their prom.

School leaders and local law enforcement put on a 40 person production while then 200 students watched what could go wrong if they decided to drink and drive. Jones County authorities said fatal car crashes involving students have happened in the past.

“From this high school alone in my volunteer rescue career, I’ve been on three fatality crashes involving students, and you know, we had to place those students in body bags just as you saw represented today,” said Lance Chancellor, PIO of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department.

Usually, actors perform during the presentation. However this year, authorities chose to make an actual impact by use drama club students from the high school.

“The mom yelling and the helicopter really just showed how serious it is, and I think the details were absolutely necessary to be able to get that point across for sure,” said Chloe Lyons, the student body president at Northeast Jones High School.

Dr. Jennifer Lowery, the supervising principal, said making sure kids don’t drink and drive is something they take seriously.

“I think it’s part of our responsibility. I mean, we’re here not to make sure academically they’re ready for life, but to make sure they are ready for life in general no matter what challenges come their way, and I think it’s just one way we show them how much we care,” Lowery said.