Old tradition goes ‘egg-zotic’ at the Hattiesburg Zoo

Pine Belt

When is an Easter egg hunt not an easter egg hunt? When it’s an egg-zotic event at your local zoo!

The Pinebelt’s Jesse Finver has more from the Hattiesburg Zoo.

“Only on Easter Sunday could animals be the secondary attraction at a zoo.”

Just ask Amanda Hargrove who helped organize the event.

“Today at the Zoo we have our Egg-zotic Easter Egg hunt. It’s more of a scavenger hunt than
your regular Easter Egg Hunt. Our slogan is ‘It’s not your average egg hunt.'”

Not your average egg hunt indeed. Folks were searching far and wide for those eggs. Anyone can do an easter egg hunt in their backyard, it’s a whole different story at the zoo.

Richard Westerlund and Ashley Burnett agree.

“We’re in town visiting our brother in law, and his lovely girlfriend, so they said the Easter Egg Hunt would be a good thing for us to do today while seeing some animals.”

“Well, we heard about the Easter Egg hunt that they were having here and my kids are really into it this year, about hunting Easter Eggs and celebrating Easter.”

While adults joined in, these hunts are really for the kids.

“Why’d you guys come to the zoo today?” “To have fun and look for eggs.” “And what about you?” “Find the golden egg.” “Trying to find the eggs, trying to win a prize, you know, on Easter.” “Why are you here today?” “Because we were hunting for Easter Eggs!” “My most favorite part is finding and eating the candy.”

“Now if there are Easter Eggs left over that aren’t found, and you find them during the week, the Zoo says you’re out of luck, as you have to find them all on Easter. In Hattiesburg, Jesse Finver, WJTV 12 News.” 

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