PETAL, Miss. (WHLT) – The Petal Board of Aldermen voted 4-3 against a proposed ordinance that would make members pay a fine for missing a certain number of regular board meetings.

Pine Belt News reported the ordinance was proposed by Aldermen Gerald Steele. It stated aldermen would have to pay 1/24 of their $12,000 annual salary if they accumulated more than seven absences in a year.

Steele said the reason for his proposal is because “there’s no recall on elected officials” in the Mississippi constitution. He said the ordinance would show that aldermen want to hold themselves accountable.

Alderman-at-Large Mike Lott, who voted against the ordinance, said his job extends beyond the regular meetings. He said neighbors can call to ask about his attendance any day if they’re concerned about it. Additionally, he said attendance is not an issue on the board.

According to the newspaper, those who voted against the ordinance are Aldermen Lott, Steve Stringer, Craig Strickland and Craig Bullock.