HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – As the school year begins to wind down, some parents are already thinking ahead to the next school year, and they’re turning to a Hattiesburg non-profit for help.

Chloe Rahming,16, is the founder of Shoes for School. She has made it her mission to help people in need. She collects donations, so she can get school age children shoe vouchers.

“To see somebody else being bullied for not having shoes or being put down for something that everybody else has the opportunity to have and not them just didn’t sit right with my spirit, and I felt the need to help them,” said Rahming.

She started the business when she was 12-years old. She reaches families one step at a time, like Chandra Hardwick, whose daughter was murdered in Hattiesburg in 2016.

“My daughter who was murdered through domestic abuse, leaving five children behind. So, they saw the story, and they knew having to bring on and raise five kids, I needed some assistance,” explained Hardwick.

Shoes for School has donated 350 shoe vouchers. This year, they plan to giveaway $2,500 in vouchers.

“I would tell kids that are going through a hard time not having shoes that brighter days are ahead, and it’s always good to stay patient for you time,” said Rahming.

For families seeking to receive shoes, the application process opens in June. Monetary donations should be received through the company’s website.